When you place an order, a freight fee will be added.
The freight fee within Denmark (except the Faroe Islands and Greenland) is:
Package without delivery: 0 kg   –  10 kg:     39 DKK.
Package with delivery:      0 kg   –  10 kg:     59 DKK 

Package without delivery: 10 kg –  20 kg:     75 DKK.
Package with delivery:      10 kg –  20 kg:     99 DKK. 

International freight:
Package with delivery;       0 kg  -   10 kg:     149 DKK. (20 EURO)
Package with delivery;       10 kg  - 20 kg:     260 DKK. (35 EURO)

When using PayPal Express freight will be added after you have added your credit card and delivery information.

If you choose to pay by MobilePay, Swipp or Bank Transfer, you will receive an email with an invoice regarding your order. You can then choose to pay your invoice using one of the three listed options. After we receive your payment we will ship your order.