Purple ID is founded in 2012 by Constructing Architect Jane Lund Bach.
Jane Lund Bach designs things based on her own life and what she feels inspired to make. Her biggest inspiration comes from her garden and her vision to turn the outdoor environment into a notable space, as a link between inside and outside - so the garden becomes an extension of her home.  
It all started with a garden and a lot of plants.
"I love decorating and gardening. So when my husband and I bought our house, I immediately started planning and decorating everything. When it came to inside-decor I could find a lot of really cool things - but for outside decor I couldn´t find that much - especially not modern and colorful gardening pots as I pictured them in my mind! And with a love for multifunctionality, graphics and colors I decided to make my own pots. Today my outdoor decor matches my personality and my indoor decor!"
More green moving in!
"Being a garden and plant lover my attention was quickly drawn towards the green wall trend - and I dreamed about filling entire wall spaces in my home with green living plants. Bringing garden life indoor. However I found that the products for these green walls all left me with one question:

What happens behind the green wall ? 

So once again I decided to design my own product and WallBOX became a reality. Easy to mount and easy to lift on and off the wall - even when its filled with dirt, plants and water. Plus I designed it, so it always keeps a distance to the wall behind it!"
Where does Purple (ID) fit in?
"I love colors - especially purple. To me that color is like magic. It tricks my imagination, inspires me and calms me down at the same time. And since I make things based on my own needs, I wanted my things to be branded with my "personal touch". The "ID" is my IDentification card. Therefore Purple ID - my personal and colorfull playground!
Whats next?
" I´m inspired by everything around me and sometimes my head feels overcrowded with ideas - some are just for fun, others might come to life- but I don´t have a masterplan to go by. I make things because I can´t find it elsewhere, and if someone like my things I will be incredibly happy.
Everyday life is my inspiration, so keep inspiring me!"
Jane Lund Bach, founder of Purple ID